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Succes in Soccer - Practising 8-12
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General movement Training
Soccer-oriented movement tarining
Soccer-specifi technique training
Playing soccer

Learning to dribble:
dribbling games, exercises to improve dribbling skills, changing directions while dribbling, slalomm dribbling and shooting, creating a session on dribbling

Learning to fake:
learning a fake step by step, using fakes in 1 v1 playt, creating a session on faking

Learning to shoot:
learning  the instep kick step by step, creating a session on shooting

Learning to pass:
learning to pass step by step, creating a session on passing

Learning to receive and controll the ball:
receiving and controlling balls on the ground, receiving and controlling high balls in the air, creating a session on receiving and controlling the ball

Learning heading:
introductory exercises, heading straight ahead while standing still, 1 v1 heading, heading at a goal with goalkeeper, creating a session on heading

Simple soccer games:
3 v 3 dribble through two small goals to score
3 v 3 pass throuigh two small goals to score
3 v 3  dribble across goal lines to score
3 v 3 games on standard goals

Tips on organizing sessions
Using a single setup for multiple exercises
Line exercises and rotations
Station traning
Competitions for two teams playing simultaneously




Building Blocks for training sessions

  • General movement training

  • Soccer-oriented movement training

  • Soccer specific technique training

    Indoor and Outdoor Sessions

  • Free play/welcome/solo exercises with the ball

  • Exercises for better dribbling

  • Partner exercises and competitions

  • Motivational game: Fish and the fisherman

  • Ball gymnastics

  • Movement exercises with the ball

  • Simple soccer games

    Key concepts

  • Tag games

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