Cool’n Tape Cold Compression


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Cool’n Tape Cold Compression


1.Remove all packaging an apply wrap firmly to skin around affected area without restricting blood flow. If desire, cut length

2. Pres loose end firmly against wrap for a few seconds until wrap self-adheres. Cool’n Tape now works effectively and cools for serverel hours.

3.Recommended treatment time is 1-2 hours. Remove wrap when it has provided relief.

4. After use, place wrap in container and close lid tightly to seal. If wrap is dehydrated, recharge.

5. Wrap can be used serveral or more applications. Discard wrap when gel becomes exhausted and wrap is no longer cold.

To Recharge

  • Add 2 Tablespoons of clean water to wrap in container and close lid tightly to seal.
  • 2. Turn container upside down serveral times with lid tightly closed.Open container and discrad any excess water, then turn lid tightly to reseal.
  •  Allow 2-3 hours for wrap to rehydrate before reuse.